- Upgrade, develop and promote recognized high quality researches in addition to the development in the field of management and information technology.

- Disseminate the concept of the importance of technical training and development and its effects on the individual and institutional performance.

- Sharpen and develop individuals and companies skills to meet their needs in accordance with the international quality standards.

- Disseminate scientific knowledge in the fields of management and information technology to achieve and support specialized social and economic development.

- Disseminate the rules, principles and ethics of the administrative work in general and of the administrative leaderships in particular. 

- Encourage and promote creativity and entrepreneurship of companies and individuals in the field of information technology and management by various means in order to achieve national and global economic growth. 

- Adopt, develop, create and sponsor research and study centers and training institutes for the purposes of developing the administrative process and exchange expertise and skills between individuals and institutions in this field.

- Disseminate the latest scientific developments in the fields of training and technical support through the multiplicity of training programs offered.

- Concentrate on all managerial concepts which highlight the role of the manager in the organization, especially in the Arab world, to optimize this resource and provide administrative solutions aimed at supporting the growth of institutions.

- Shape policy and practice within our chosen areas of expertise. 

- Make a significant contribution to the Arab world economies. 

- Develop AIMICT through growth and strategic alliances with reputable international institutions. 

- Develop the managerial skills for AIMICT members, and state their role in the process of management development.