Advanced Certificate in Leadership provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for leadership in the modern business world., It teaches techniques which can be applied to drive organizational change, as well as to identify and address obstacles, produce best practices to improve staff motivation, as well as methods of understanding and responses to conflicts.

The program is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).


Body of Knowledge

  • Self-assessment of managers


  • Interpersonal skills and communication with superiors and subordinates


  • Leadership, management and motivate staff


  • Evaluate the performance of employees


  • Management by objectives and results-based management


  • Knowledge Management


  • Empowerment and effective delegation


  • Training to improve performance




Program Fee: 300 JDs


Learning outcomes

·         Describe some of the issues that drive organizational leadership

·         Define the roles of each level of management in organization

·         Define organizational culture

·         Understand the role of a change agent

·         Describe several methods that can be applied for driving organizational change

·         Know how to identify and deal with constraint

·         Define techniques for improving employee motivation

·         Know the purpose of and typical barriers to empowerment

·         Understand different methods for responding to conflict

·         Be familiar with typical roadblocks to organizational performance and how they can be addressed


Time Frame: 20 training hours


Language: English/ Arabic


Fee Payment

Through Bank transfer to the below account:

-          The Arab International Society for Management Technology (AIMICT)

Branch Number 34

Address: Jordan Ahli Bank-AUG Shmissani.


Account Number: 34-02-301014-152727-02


Or, Check drawn to the order of the Arab International Society for Management Technology (AIMICT)