President's Message




President's Message

Welcome to the Arab International Society for Management Technology. 

AIMICT was established to provide Arab individuals and organizations with the means to learn and benefit from knowledge management skills and systems by identifying, creating and distributing knowledge and converting it into valuable products, services and activities. 

Since its establishment, the AIMICT has facilitated numerous workshops and educational seminars, enabling Arab managers’ to utilize modern management techniques and the latest technology to develop potential and increase the social and economic output from institutional knowledge resources. 

Knowledge management skills and systems build the very foundations of a well-equipped Arab knowledge society capable of competing on an equal footing with other societies. Knowledge management also enables Arab managers and businessmen to more efficiently serve their business communities. 

Having a closer look at contemporary advanced societies, one can recognize that knowledge management has offered many organizations a large number of opportunities to achieve competitive progress through the ideal utilization of management resources, thus effectively contributing to sustainable social and economic prosperity. 

Today, we pride ourselves in being the first organization in the region to offer the Professional Quality Manager program, PQM.

This specialized program is the first of its kind in the field of quality management in the Arab region. It has been designed to qualify Arab practitioners and help them develop their potential and meet international professional standards. 

AIMICT is striving to prove that Arab minds are not merely consumers of others' knowledge products. To the contrary, they are producers of their own new knowledge. The establishment of the PQM is one result of that effort. We look forward to contributing further to the capacity-building of our Arab professionals. 

HE Dr.Talal Abu-Ghazaleh